Stacie Amorose

Stacie Amorose is a senior manager in West Monroe’s Workforce Optimization practice focused on helping retail and healthcare clients optimize their workforce and processes from engineering to execution. In all, she has more than 20 years of experience as a quality improvement professional.


Stacie spent years in the healthcare industry working in administration, human resources and quality/process improvement roles as well as consulting roles working with healthcare providers, insurers, retailers and distribution centers.  She has assisted many clients in process reengineering projects understanding both the operations and consulting aspects of work.  Stacie has led multiple large scale projects focusing on process improvement through the use of industrial engineering tools and methodologies including Lean, data analytics, work measurement, labor standards, change management and workforce training.  Her passion for business process improvement enables Stacie to work with clients to implement solutions, deliver results, sustain change and maximize value for her customers.

During her years in operations, Stacie worked in various roles in long term care understanding the business aspects of a health-care provider including admissions, patient care, billing, regulatory compliance and quality management.  Moving into human resource roles, Stacie grew her career in workforce management and her desire to help front-line staff and management improve work processes to increase quality and satisfaction and decrease costs.  She moved from operations to consulting and grew her skills in process improvement by working with clients struggling with increasing costs, decreasing quality and alarming safety issues occurring in their hospitals.  She learned Lean using their “learn by doing” aspects having the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the business.  Since then Stacie has worked with hospitals, nursing homes, AIDS service organizations, physician offices, medical clinics, grocers, retailers, distribution centers, insurers and shared service organizations to implement Leans tools and culture into their organizations, eliminate waste and improve workflow of business processes.

Stacie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from Waynesburg University. She holds certifications in perfecting patient care (PHRI), Lean, Safety and Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST).