Staying In The Spotlight: Rooftop Solar Looks to Remain on Track
Date : March 28, 2017

Our DERs survey examines how utility executives and their regulators are anticipating significant growth in distributed energy resources (DERs), especially rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panel installations, and both groups are much more focused on what’s needed to support further adoption.


Paul DeCotis discusses the future distributed energy resources (DERs) and rooftop solar. Click here to read the full article as it appeared in Electrical Contractor. 

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Date : January 12, 2016

Our study found the interest and growth of DERs is increasing among residential customers particularly, but some utility executives and regulators have yet to settle on collaborative ways to prepare for the potential shift. 

Date : January 24, 2016

EnergyBiz takes a look at our new Distributed Energy Resources survey.

An illustrative look at Americans' energy use beliefs and habits
Date : January 11, 2016

For almost all U.S. customers, electricity use is a routine part of life (as is paying the monthly utility bill). Falling costs of renewable energy technologies and an emerging trend toward more sustainable living, however, are transforming utility customers from being passive users to engaged decision-makers.

Distributed Energy Resources survey featured on
Date : March 14, 2016
There are various kinds of distributed energy resources (DER), and their impact on utility operations and revenue streams differ considerably according to type.