The Driverless Future: Autonomous Risk
Lou Brothers talks to Risk & Insurance
Date : October 1, 2016

Senior Manager Lou Brothers talks to Risk & Insurance about the technology advances in self-driving cars which will give underwriters access to more varied and deeper layers of data, potentially enabling them to fine-tune premiums specific to actual usage.


Outside of the rare Google car sighting, autonomous vehicles, or A.V.s, have mostly been the domain of futuristic action movies. That fictional future, though, is now. 

A limited number of autonomous Volvo XC90s will be on the road this year. Audi's self-driving A8 limousine is due out in 2017. Tesla plans to have fully autonomous vehicles available in 2018. Top executives at Ford and GM expect to launch fully autonomous vehicles by 2020. The U.S. Secretary of Transportation said at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto show that he expects driverless cars to be in use all over the world by 2025. Click here to read more. 

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