The Best and Worst Tech Predictions of 2015
Erik Brown featured in CMSWire
Date : January 4, 2016

Which tech predictions of 2015 panned out and which flopped. 

There are many themes in tech predictions lately that are relevant at the “macro” level but require “micro” developments to realize value. 

Big data, cloud computing and the (Internet of Things) IoT are examples of important macro trends that are often misunderstood, interdependent and require focus to achieve value.

One of the IoT themes I kept hearing in 2015 that encapsulates some of the “worst” predictions is Ambient Computing — the idea that connecting “all the things” will drive business value through collected data and analytics. One of the more ridiculous examples of this kicked off at CES in 2013 with a smart fork, and that same company introduced a smart bottle this year. 

We’re still figuring out how best to build the infrastructure and analytical tools to drive value in meaningful IoT use cases like healthcare wearables, smart energy grids and transportation telemetry, and it’s prudent to mature the IoT ecosystem in those areas before we drive value from all of the other products in our lives.

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