Ship-from-Store Can Help Retail Supply Chains Level the E-Commerce Playing Field
Sam Dawes and Tom Racciatti discuss how "ship-from-store" can help retail supply chains level the playing field in this recent Supply & Demand Chain Executive article.
Date : July 22, 2016
The e-tailing wave is washing over the retail industry, creating a sink-or-swim situation for retailers across the industry. In 2015 alone, Internet sales went up 23 percent—with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.
At the top of the e-tailing food chain is Amazon, which continues to increase its market share. And this surge is putting pressure on retailers to meet similar customer demands for speed, convenience and price. However, keeping up with the likes of Amazon is no easy feat.

Sam Dawes and Tom Racciatti authored an article for Supply & Demand Chain Executive and how "ship-from-store" help retail supply chains level the e-Commerce playing field. Click here to read the full article as it appeared in Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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