Northeastern Natural Gas Dependency by Generators Stretching Limits
Paul DeCotis featured in Electricity Matters
Date : November 13, 2015

In their December 2015 issue, Natural Gas & Electricity welcomes West Monroe's Paul DeCotis as a columnist on Electricity Matters.


As natural gas remains plentiful and regulatory initiatives like the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Clean Power Plan drive more electricity generation toward gas, regions of the United States will at some point hit the wall. We can see it coming like an unstoppable force hitting an unmovable object. The natural gas and electricity industries provide foundational services that underpin our social, health, and economic well-being. They are also critical to protecting our national security.

Yet year after year in some regions of the country, natural gas pipeline capacity is insufficient to meet demand. Close to one-third of gas demand in the United States is for residential use, followed by just over 24 percent for industrial use and 22 percent for electric generation.

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