West Monroe Partners joins Smart Cities Council
West Monroe Partners has become an Associate Partner of the Smart Cities Council
Date : March 24, 2015

West Monroe Partners, a North American business and technology consultancy, today announced that it has become an Associate Partner of the Smart Cities Council (SCC), a coalition of industry thought leaders, innovators and practitioners dedicated to improving the livability, workability and sustainability of the world’s cities.

West Monroe Partners is committed to helping cities leverage technology to better serve citizens, improve quality of life and foster local economic growth. Through this formal membership, West Monroe Partners will collaborate with the Smart Cities Council to help cities provide better service, greater efficiency, increased safety, improved resource conservation, environmental sustainability, and ability to adapt proactively to changing situations. This includes increased access to systems and data that enables greater benefits across operations.

“West Monroe Partners helps community leaders define what a smart city means for their specific community and then realize that vision,” said Tom Hulsebosch, managing director at West Monroe Partners. “We are excited to join the Smart Cities Council and contribute our experience and capabilities to improve public services, safety, organizational efficiency, and service to their citizens and local businesses.”

West Monroe Partners brings together the capabilities required for this transformative initiative by combining an uncommon blend of business and technology. The West Monroe Partners team specializes in delivering benefits from transformational programs that require multiple skill sets such as information technology, telecom, digital security, enterprise asset management, advanced analytics, customer experience, and operations excellence.

"Cities that want to transform need an expert partner, a company that can help them with the technology side as well as the people/process side,” said Jesse Berst, Chairman of the Smart Cities Council. “West Monroe Partners has these important skills. We are so pleased that they are lending their talents to the Smart Cities Council to help advise cities toward becoming more livable, workable and sustainable."

About the Smart Cities Council
The Smart Cities Council is the trusted advisor to equip cities with tools and knowledge to cope with expanding populations, shrinking budgets and aging infrastructure. It is comprised of the world's foremost smart city practitioners advised by unbiased, independent experts, including top universities, national laboratories, standards bodies, climate advocacy groups and development banks. The Council's goal is to accelerate the growth of smart cities worldwide by providing city leaders with best practices and vendor-neutral guidance on technology, finance, policy and, citizen engagement. For more information, visit www.smartcitiescouncil.com or view a brief introductory video about the Smart Cities Council.

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