On Davos, Jawbones & Goldie Hawn: A World Economic Forum Roundup for Health Leaders Who Couldn’t Make It
Date : February 4, 2014
In case you missed it, the 44th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, concluded on January 25 and for the first time, health and wellness (HAW) was featured prominently, with over 25 sessions dedicated to HAW-related topics. In the past, international financial crises dominated; this year, citing the interdependence of healthy populaces and economies, organizers put together an ensemble of new topics - ranging from meditations led by Goldie Hawn to sustainable health economics - to draw connections from the mental and physical health of individuals to global financial ecosystems.
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Driving business transformation with new customer experience and data analytics capabilities
Date : June 15, 2017

Partnering with West Monroe, BridgeHealth transformed its organization—establishing Salesforce, analytics, reporting, and contact center capabilities essential to further change. These new capabilities have improved efficiency and insight, and more importantly, they will help BridgeHealth deliver a better member experience and fulfill its mission of enabling high-quality care at a better value.

Date : June 15, 2017

BridgeHealth, a benefit-management organization, gained critical new Salesforce, contact center, analytics, and reporting capabilities to boost efficiencies and standardize for growth.