Cloud Power: An Overview of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
CRM Online Part 2: CRM Process Support
Date : June 6, 2017

This guide focuses on CRM process support, including sales, service, marketing, and dashboards. In it, we explore the most widely adopted functions and features that make Salesforce and Dynamics stand out as leaders in the industry, as well as the honest limitations of both platforms. No tool can do it all, so this white paper is geared towards helping you understand which CRM system is the best fit for your business.

CRM Process Support

Our guide is the second of three. To read the first version, click here

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Date : July 22, 2016

Given the focus and investment in cloud CRM products, all organizations should consider a cloud-based CRM over on-premise unless they have a clear reason not to (e.g. regulatory constraints). Despite improvements to Microsoft’s online offering, Salesforce, with its cloud-first, cloud-only strategy, has been the leader in Gartner’s quadrant for CRM for eight years running, with the most mature feature set. Organizations which wish to gain an edge, and particularly those which have the desire to truly evolve, improve, and innovate, should consider adopting Salesforce as their CRM platform.