The 6 Essential Pillars of a Successful Agile Transformation
Date : March 13, 2017

An effective transition to agile development practices is as much about people and leadership as it is about technology.

Agile Transformation White Paper

Today’s market requires companies to bring new capabilities that win the hearts and wallets of consumers faster than ever. The most successful companies will need to become more adaptable in all facets of their business to respond to evolutions in technology, consumer demands, workforce dynamics and regulatory requirements. In turn, this is elevating demand for agile development and agile practices. Moving from waterfall to agile practices—or, more properly stated, creating an environment that can do both well and at the right time—is easier said than done. Many mature technology and business teams have stumbled in their effort to become agile—particularly when they focus more on technology than on the other changes involved. A recent study found that three of the top five causes for failed agile projects had nothing to do with agile development methods, but were rooted in unaddressed issues with governance, culture and leadership. While effective agile methods must remain at the core of any agile program, the truth is that agile evolution is as much about people and leadership as it is about technology.

This article outlines a framework of six “pillars” that are essential for the successful transformation toward agile. To download the white paper, please fill out the form below. 

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