This webinar will discuss ways utilities can facilitate customer adoption of DERs by illustrating ENACT’s marketplace platform and business process automation solutions.

A spectrum of distributed energy resources (DERs) are becoming available to residential and commercial customers.   But how do customers learn about these options, determine which ones are appropriate and economically viable for them, and identify which vendors or financial resources are available?   Similarly, energy services vendors struggle to identify interested customers in a cost-effective way, provide them with comparative proposals, with financing options, in a timely manner, and manage the sales and installation workflow.  And finally, Utilities seek to facilitate such distributed energy adoption for customers in their service territories, through programs and offerings on their own brand. 
ENACT’s Enterprise SaaS platform provides end-to-end business process automation software for energy services developers and investors.  Utilities seeking to facilitate rapid customer adoption of DER technologies can now leverage ENACT’s marketplace platform and business process automation solutions.

Learn how ENACT Systems can be your partner empowering your DER programs!