Customer Privacy and the Smart Grid
Learn how the White House's Customer Data Privacy guidelines will impact utilities
Date : March 21, 2012 Time : 12:00 PM CST
This webinar will discuss the many questions that have arisen from the White House's Customer Data Privacy guidelines and how this will effect utilities.

With the White House's recent release on Customer Data Privacy guidelines, many questions have arisen on how these guidelines will affect utilities work within the smart grid and what steps should be taken immediately to protect customer privacy. This webinar discusses:

  • The latest customer privacy policy regulations that will impact electric utility operations
  • The immediate steps every utility planning a smart grid deployment should take to protect customer privacy
  • What you should be more concerned about, state or federal policy?
  • What safeguards is NIST developing to protect customer privacy?
  • Specific utility business processes that could be impacted by privacy policies

The slides from the presentation can be downloaded here.


Will McNamaraWest Monroe Partners

Will McNamara is a senior manager in West Monroe Partners’ Energy & Utilities practice, where he oversees delivery of regulatory support and key stakeholder relations services to the firm’s utility clients. He has more than 15 years of energy industry, policy-making, rate design, expert testimony, and lobbying experience.


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