Our Partnership with MaritzCX
Maritz Research—the leading provider of advanced research for the consumer marketing industry—decided to acquire a software company to satisfy its customers’ demands for instantaneous results.
Date : April 28, 2015
West Monroe Partners performed due diligence of the target company, evaluating its technology capabilities and business operations. Our blended business teams—customer experience experts, mergers and acquisitions veterans and technologists—worked together to fully understand the sales processes, business operations, infrastructure and products involved. Together, we seamlessly integrated 1,000 people into a newly formed company, MaritzCX, in only four months.
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Leveraging public cloud offerings to streamline maintenance of PCI-compliant infrastructure
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West Monroe Partners to sponsor Seattle Business Magazine's Leaders in Healthcare Awards Gala
Date : March 2, 2017 Time : 06:00 PM PST
West Monroe is the proud presenting sponsor of Seattle Business magazine’s Leaders in Healthcare Awards gala, where 18 leading companies and individuals in Washington State’s healthcare industry will be honored. 
Seattle, WA