Treasury Onboarding Solutions
Accelerate the benefits of a better customer experience

We help you reinvent your treasury implementation and onboarding processes to improve efficiency and customer experience—and set the stage for productive customer relationships from the very beginning.

For many banks’ personnel and customers, treasury onboarding can be somewhat of a “black hole,” with little visibility into status. Consider:

  • ‹Does your bank rely on paper contracts, web signatures, and manual processes and data entry to implement treasury products?
  • How easy is it for your bank and your treasury management customers to see the status of implementation?
  • Do multiple bank employees contact customers multiple times for requests and information?
  • Is your bank adequately staffed for upcoming implementation volume? How do you know?
  • What are you doing to reduce the amount of time elapsed from the moment a new treasury customer says “yes” to the first time that customer receives an account analysis statement?

Onboarding: A sign of service to come
Treasury management continues to be a source of diversified revenue for banks. Given the increased focus on non-interest income as rates remain low, it is also an increasingly commoditized business.

As banks seek to distinguish their corporate treasury offerings, one area of opportunity for doing so is in the implementation and onboarding experience—an area many customers also view as an indicator of a bank’s ability to deliver quality customer service.

Understand, improve, differentiate
Reinventing your treasury onboarding process is not a small endeavor. Applying deep treasury management expertise with proven approaches for improving customer experience, we can help you accelerate the path toward achieving a differentiated onboarding experience for your bank’s customers.

We begin by understanding your current treasury management processes, from sales to support—looking at volumes, timelines, metrics, infrastructure and applications, organization design, customer feedback, and more. Then, we work with you to:

  • Design process improvements
  • Select and implement appropriate technology to support new processes
  • Pilot and then roll out enhanced onboarding capabilities

The right approach pays dividends
Our approach incorporates two factors that we have found to be keys to success:

  • Involving your customers in the process
  • Avoiding “over-engineering”—which we find drives out expected efficiences and slows adoption

For many banks, taking the right steps to improve treasury onboarding and, consequently, customer experience, pays off—in the form of increased cross-selling and up-selling rates and competitive advantage. That’s business in the right direction.

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