System Fit Assessment
The first step in supporting your organization’s strategy, vision, and future operating model.
A West Monroe Partners system fit assessment evaluates existing system capabilities and their ability to meet current and future business requirements—providing you with a sound set of recommendations for the future.

Rapid growth, acquisitions, evolving business strategies, and streamlined back-office operations—these are among many changes that can challenge your systems’ ability to support business needs. Consider:

  • Are your current systems causing growth pains as your operations expand?
  • Does your organization use multiple, disparate enterprise platforms to run your operations?
  • Are you considering consolidating existing systems and/or replacing outdated enterprise software?

Align systems with business needs
If growth or other changes in your operations have made it difficult to meet the needs of your current or future business model, West Monroe Partners can help.

We apply extensive experience across many industries and all facets of enterprise technology to help you translate business requirements into IT requirements—fast and accurately. Our experience includes:

  • More than 400 IT and operational due diligence projects involving a wide variety of Tier 1-3 and custom applications
  • Extensive software selection and implementation projects involving an array of enterprise applications

Define, analyze, and recommend
We work with your executives and process owners to define your future operating model and the core business requirements necessary to realize it. Then, we help you prioritize those requirements and perform a fit-gap analysis that compares your business requirements with your existing system(s) capabilities.

The result of this analysis is a system fit assessment, with system recommendations tailored to your organization, operations, and business model.

A foundation for informed technology investments
How well do today’s systems support your organization’s strategy, vision, and future operating model? A West Monroe Partners fit assessment can help you determine that—and in the process:

  • Avoid significant, unnecessary investments in new systems
  • Identify opportunities to take advantage of existing system functionality that you may not use today and/or make enhancements to your current systems to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Increase business-IT alignment through enhanced IT and business process transparency
  • Establish a sound business case for new technology investments

That’s business in the right direction.

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