Pharmaceutical and Biotech Commercial Analytics
Data integration and advanced analytics capabilities tailored to your industry’s operations.
Date : April 28, 2016

Our pharmaceutical and biotech commercial analytics solutions help you integrate data from disparate sources and systems and then apply descriptive, perspective, and prescriptive analytics capabilities that drive more effective commercial operations.


Navigating change 
The evolving regulatory landscape. A shift to specialty products. An influx of big data. New patient-focused business strategies. Outcome-focused and value-based reimbursement strategies. These developments, and others, present massive challenges for today’s pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, forcing them to rethink how they do business. 

To succeed in a dynamic and complex environment, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must confront some tough questions: 
  • How do I effectively use the massive amounts of data available from disparate sources to tell the right story? 
  • What are the correct KPIs for measuring performance? 
  • How do I effectively target and win on pull-through with less access and limited influence? 
  • How do I optimize marketing mix and customer reach through the right channels at the right time? 
  • How do I gain market access in an outcomes-based environment? 
  • How do I efficiently transform to a specialty product-focused business model? 
Many companies, though, are finding those questions hard to answer.

The right solution for your business

Navigating such change requires a great deal of insight—and to gain that insight, you’ll need to use and analyze your data in ways you never have before. We can help, with comprehensive pharmaceutical and biotech commercial analytics solutions that enable informed decisions.

Many firms talk about their analytics capabilities, but ours—built on our uncommon blend of business and technical acumen—are different. Our solutions are designed specifically for your business by experienced professionals who understand life sciences data and reporting, as well as commercial pharmaceutical and biotech operations.

Our Life Sciences team has a combined 100+ years of practical industry experience. We pair that industry expertise with deep technology and analytics skills necessary to address your array of challenges:

  • Data integration
  • Data governance
  • Master data management
  • Data warehousing
  • Advanced and predictive analytics
  • Data visualization (Qlikview, Tableau)

The result is the right analytics solution for your environment and needs.

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