Organizational Change Management
Prepare employees. Transform and optimize business operations. Realize benefits.
Companies that recognize the value of change management are poised to reap the benefits of transformation.

Many organizations launch initiatives that fail to meet desired objectives. Why? Because leaders are not engaged, individuals feel ignored, morale is low, confusion is high and competing priorities detract focus from the project at hand.

Change management can help your organization adapt and thrive
As businesses continue to evolve, it is important to follow best practices to communicate and build engagement around a change initiative:

  • Build the need for change. Communicate why a change is important – include business, customer and cultural benefits.
  • Measure and communicate progress. Share and celebrate “quick wins” and key milestones to help build confidence that change is achievable.
  • Ensure visible and consistent leadership engagement. Active sponsorship shows commitment to change and keeps focus on key activities and overall engagement.
  • Form a change network. Formalize a role for change agents that helps build an understanding of specific impacts and creates two-way communications between project teams and stakeholders.
  • Establish support for continuous improvement. Understand that change management efforts need to continue past implementation to help ongoing learning and integration.

Avoid resistance by guiding employees through the key phases of change
Adoption of change is critical to the success of any initiative. Increase success by following these key phases:

  • Awareness – inform stakeholders about the vision, goals, opportunities and benefits of the new initiative
  • Consideration – provide the information necessary for stakeholders to prepare themselves for and align with upcoming changes
  • Understanding – clarify desired changes and outcomes, as well as new expectations and role impacts
  • Acceptance – prepare stakeholders through role-based communications and training, organizational alignment and drive accountability
  • Commitment – integrate and sustain changes through continued focus on value realization and ongoing improvement

Why West Monroe?
Change management is an integral part of any widespread business change - whether that change is due to a merger, system implementation, regulatory update, restructuring or shift in business strategy. Our experienced change management team will work with you to ensure you meet your desired objectives and we partner with and engage your team so that changes are sustainable over the long-term.

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