Migration from TDM to IP/MPLS Networks
We provide experienced guidance and support for migrating your TDM to IP/MPLS networks, consolidating several “purpose- built” networks onto a converged network, or building a new IP/MPLS core solution.

Aging TDM-based infrastructure can drive up costs and presentdelivery challenges. Consider:

  • Does your utility typically build out backhaul for telecommunications needs?
  • Do you require use of legacy protocols (TDM, RS-232 serial, 2-wire/4-wire E&M) for connectivity to RTUs?
  • Do you operate multiple purpose-built networks in order to serve business units’ needs?
  • Are you looking for a suitable alternative to public-carrier circuits, such as analog and 64K circuits, that have been or will be retired?

The West Monroe Partners difference

If your utility owns its private telecom network or is looking to build out or expand, West Monroe Partners can help. Combining deep smart grid technology experience with TDM and IP/MPLS knowledge and networking skills, our team helps utilities not only conceptualize the network, but architect, implement, deploy, and manage it. While some vendors focus primarily on technology, we take a much broader view that addresses people, process, and technology considerations that drive success. Most importantly, we’ve done this before with some of the nation’s largest utilities.

From assessment to ongoing support

Our experienced team can drive migration—from planning and design to ongoing support

  • Understand current network methods and services/users supported
  • Define services to be supported in the future
  • Produce site-specific network materials for all applicable sites
  • Determine how to test for meeting site acceptance criteria
  • Assemble equipment and install/configure at each site
  • Migrate services and end devices from the old network to the new network
  • Augment vendor-supplied training and deliver training to technicians and other applicable personnel
  • Provide ongoing managed services to aid operational maintenance and support of the new network

We’ve been there...and done that

Whatever the level of complexity, you can be confident you’re working with a partner that has been there before—including managing one of the country’s first NERC/CIP compliant IP/MPLS backbone utility networks for an investor-owned utility. Talk to us about solutions that can save your utility money and improve services. That’s business in the right direction.
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