Customer Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions
Align your Organizations for Market Success
If your organization is acquiring manufacturing or distribution assets, West Monroe Partners can help you analyze, integrate, and refine supply chain operations.  Our team of industry experts identify areas of redundancy, understand the importance of executing on time and on budget, and define and effective forward-facing strategy.

Most mergers and acquisitions come about specifically for the customer benefits that they promise: increased market share, expansion into new markets, or greater "share of wallet," for example. Consider:

  • Does the success of your transaction depend on meeting specific customer acquisition and retention goals?
  • Do you know how both organizations’ customers’ feel about the transaction or how they will react?
  • Do you have the right resources and expertise to guide both organizations—including their customers and customer-facing employees—through the transaction?
  • Preserve and maximize customer relationships

To achieve the intended benefits of a merger or acquistion, the integrated organization typically will have to overcome some key challenges, including:

  • Duplicative customer-focused systems and processes, in areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), content management, contact centers, collaboration, and the Internet
  • Retention of customers—and customer-facing employees— during re-branding and transition periods

If you are seeking to preserve and maximize the customer advantages of your transaction, you may benefit by talking with West Monroe Partners.

Ensure an experienced transition team

West Monroe Partners combines deep expertise in an array of customer-facing processes with transaction experience in many industries. Applying a proven and thorough approach, we can help you:

  • Analyze all facets of both organizations’ customer-facing operations, including marketing, sales, and customer service
  • Define areas of redundancy
  • Design an effective, forward-facing strategy for the combined entity, as well as a road map for achieving it
  • Execute on that strategy

Apply the proven approach

Managing customer acquisition and retention as a combined entity requires many decisions—all focused on integrating people, processes and technology to create a compelling and consistent customer experience. West Monroe Partners can help you:

  • Analyze and segment the combined customer base and set product/ service strategies for each
  • Define the desired experience for each segment, across channels and points of contact with your organization
  • Establish the capability for producing customer analytics that enable effective segment management and decision making

We also can help you:

  • ‹‹Evaluate existing customer processes and systems in place in both organizations and select and implement those that will most effectively drive your future strategies; this includes looking at:
    • CRM systems and processes
    • Content and document management platforms
    • Intranet and collaboration tools
    • Customer-facing Internet and eCommerce sites
  • Consolidate contact centers and align them with marketing and customer service strategies
  • ‹‹Address internal and customer change management requirements during the period of transition

Are you prepared to maximize the customer benefits of your merger or acquisition? A comprehensive, customer-focused approach to integrating organizations can make the difference between status quo and even greater market success.

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