Customer Portfolio Analysis
Meaningful data. Critical Insights. Limitless potential.

West Monroe Partners can help you develop a rich, multi-dimensional view of customer segments—the kind of insight on which you can build effective strategies to attract and retain your most valuable customer segments.

Brands poised for success place their customers at the center of their strategy—using customer insights to develop targeted capabilities that build, cultivate, and sustain key relationships. Consider:

  • Can you segment your customers according to their value to your company?
  • How well do you understand the characteristics of your most and least valuable customers?
  • Would you treat customer segments differently if you could quantify their current and potential value?
  • What could you achieve with better customer insight?

Not all customers are created equal
If you want to enhance customer insight in order to develop more effective, competitive customer strategies, we can help—by producing a customer portfolio analysis that profiles your most profitable customers and much more.

Our customer portfolio analysis combines your customer data with a variety of demographic, lifestyle, and geographic data to provide you with action-ready insight. Applying a unique combination of industry experience and advanced analytics, we work with you to develop rich and comprehensive customer profiles based on their value to your business, behavior, needs, and attitudes.

Make confident, data-driven decisions
We start by gathering your available customer data and using it to develop “value scores” for each key customer segment using factors such as:

  • Number and frequency of visits or purchases
  • Spending
  • Customer tenure
  • Number of your products/services purchased

From this, we can quantify the value of each segment—for example, showing that your highest value customers represent less than 10 percent of your customer base but account for a full one-third of total annual spending and nearly 40 percent of total visits.

Finally, we overlay a rich variety of demographic, lifestyle, and socioeconomic data that enables you to understand each segment in terms of age, gender, household income and composition, etc.—information that, in turn, guides confident, effective strategies and decisions.

Action-ready insight in just weeks
What could your organization do if you understood the demographic profile and lifestyle characteristics of your most valuable customers better? A customer portfolio analysis from West Monroe Partners equips you with this insight, and much more—and in just a few weeks.

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