Customer Intelligence and Therapy Adherence Solutions
Personalized medicine or personalized marketing?
Combined life sciences industry experience with business intelligence, technology, and customer experience expertise—creates advanced capabilities for specialty drugs.

As the market for specialty drugs accelerates, the concept of therapy adherence moves to the forefront of life sciences companies’ growth prospects. Consider:

  • How important are specialty drugs to your future growth goals?
  • Do you have a sound understanding of therapy adherence to drive targeted marketing strategies?
  • Does the data you need reside in disparate “buckets” across your organization?

From data to insight to sales growth

Simply stated, growing specialty drug sales means ensuring that patients follow appropriate therapies and, even more importantly, remain loyal to your products in doing so.

Achieving these goals will require a much more personalized, patient-centric approach than many life science companies have employed in the past. Thanks to maturing technology tools and solutions, most drug manufacturers have more than enough data available to develop effective, precise patient marketing strategies; however, they lack the capability to turn data into the insight necessary to drive sales and allegiance.

We can help—with resources that blend deep life sciences industry experience with state-of-the-art techniques in business intelligence, analytics, and customer experience strategy.

Get to the root of adherence

We help you leverage all of your available data to:    

  • Understand root causes of customer acquisition, dissatisfaction, defection, and retention
  • Predict customer adherence behavior (propensity models) reliably
  • Develop customer-centric solutions for each patient group based on ROI and customer needs

At the center of our approach is a “touchmap” that identifies all customer interactions, sources of data collection, data flows and critical gaps (or duplications) in your current data. From this touchmap, we can help you:

  • Address “pain points” that are limiting your use of data today
  • Establish an appropriate business intelligence solution for drawing data into a common database
  • Apply analytics capabilities ranging from standard statistical modeling to our powerful Hypercube® resource
  • Create actionable plans to improve retention and adherence to drive your ROI and improve patient outcomes

Data-driven and personalized
In the evolving world of specialty pharmaceuticals, data-driven personalized patient marketing will be vital to growth and success. We can help you make sure your analytics capabilities are up to the task. That’s business in the right direction.

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