Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era— All channels, all the time.
A “Digital by Default” strategy is the first step to improved customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on delivering your business objectives—producing measurable outcomes that impact your bottom line.

With the explosive growth of online and mobile banking, marketers are under increasing pressure to provide effective and innovative campaigns that keep customers engaged and produce a positive return on marketing investments. Consider:

  • Are there products or services your customers can only get at a branch?
  • Do your customers have a choice of two banks, your physical bank or your digital bank?
  • Are your customers more digitally engaged than you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a “Digital by Default” strategy is the first step to an omni-channel experience that can improve customer engagement.

Becoming “Digital by Default”

Today’s “always on” customers interact less with traditional branch networks and prefer the  convenience of choosing the channel and location that they use to interact with you. The role of the branch is evolving and digital channels and signage are blurring the digital and physical experience. At the same time, consumers expect the same service and consistent messaging across all channels, at all times, including multiple channels for the same interaction. That’s today’s "omni-channel" experience.

To keep up with this trend, marketing leaders are investing in technology at an unprecedented rate. But the ability to transform their current business to an "omni-channel" model with highly personalized customer communications in a true cross-channel environment requires foresight and planning.

We work with banks, credit unions, and capital market firms of all sizes to assess marketing “maturity” and plot a pragmatic course for achieving their growth objectives. Our experienced team offers:

  • Ability to navigate the unprecedented level of change in your industry
  • World-class marketing strategy and execution capabilities, cultivated in the banking sector
  • A passion for innovation and finding the best way to transform from data-centric to customer-centric operations

Our Digital by Default approach aligns your requirements and goals:

  • Through executive alignment sessions, we identify strategic growth goals and match these to current marketing performance and objectives
  • Through stakeholder interviews, we identify marketing process and operating environment opportunities, such as building a path from Big Data to personalized and relevant messages
  • Through research and competitive analysis, we define the appropriate technology and tools to support these processes and operating improvements
Our team translates the findings into a prioritized set of initiatives designed to align marketing effectiveness with your bank’s goals. Typically, this enables our clients to realize incremental value at each stage of development of a Digital by Default paradigm.

We can also help with all facets of implementing the recommended actions so that you can deliver changes efficiently and begin realizing that value.

How can you capitalize on a rapidly evolving consumer marketplace?
Our clients realize powerful change. Fully implemented, Digital by Default marketing delivers a set of technological enhancements, updated models, and process improvements that:

  • Increases targeting accuracy, relevance, and capacity
  • Delivers better marketing results and greater growth potential
  • Enables predictive analytics to drive better retention and response rate

That’s Digital by Default. And that’s business in the right direction.
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