December 2014 - M&A Newsletter
Hot topics in Mergers & Acquisitions
Date : December 2, 2014

In this issue, we discuss the importance of emotional intelligence during a transaction and how to achieve both cost and revenue synergies during a transaction. We also highlight a carve-out case study.

Dear Clients and Friends,
Welcome to the second edition of our Mergers & Acquisitions newsletter. If you missed our first issue, you can read it here.

As 2014 quickly comes to a close, some of you may be reflecting on deal activity, collecting lessons learned, measuring return on investment and how well you have captured synergies. Others may be looking to spend cash on hand before the year ends.
In this issue, we discuss the importance of emotional intelligence during transactions. It may be the difference between a successful deal and losing money. We will also review “transaction math” – is the sum of two organizations greater than the individual parts? Lastly, we have included a carve-out case study outlining how we helped a client complete their integration and go-live in just 45 days.
We encourage you to send us feedback on the content or topics you'd like to see discussed in future issues.  


Tom Ewers and Steve Sapletal 
For clients that want a one-stop shop approach to carve-outs, read more about our CORE partnership and how it helped a large natural resource company integrate a divested entity seamlessly and efficiently – all within the constraints of a tight transition services agreement.
People are at the center of all organizations – and they are the most important (and costly) consideration in most transactions. By staffing your transaction teams with leaders with high “EQ,” you can help ensure consistent success.
Cost synergies are crucial. But don’t put your blinders on or you risk hemorrhaging customers and revenues.
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