September 2014 - M&A Newsletter
Hot topics in Mergers & Acquisitions
Date : September 23, 2014
Our first M&A newsletter discusses key topics including whether "clone & go" is the right carve-out strategy, the pros and cons of M&A playbooks and key lessons learned from our recent M&A summit.
Dear Clients and Friends,
Welcome to the first edition of our Mergers & Acquisitions newsletter. Whether you are a serial acquirer or planning your first transaction, one thing is for sure - it is a massive undertaking. The goal of our newsletter is to give you digestible tips and tricks on how to manage the complexities of M&A activity based on lessons learned from others. We also hope to keep you up to date on upcoming events so we can keep in touch. 

In this issue, we debate the pros and cons of M&A playbooks. Helpful tool or recipe for disaster? You decide. We'll also discuss whether "clone and go" is an effective strategy for your next carve-out. Finally, for those that weren't able to attend our first annual M&A summit, we've included a recap of what we learned. 

We encourage you to send us feedback on the content or topics you'd like to see discussed in future issues.  


Tom Ewers and Steve Sapletal 
Carve-outs are among the most complex transactions. It's no wonder companies assume that duplicating existing systems and processes and simply recreating them in the new company is the easiest way to cut ties. Or is it?
We spoke to our clients to get their take on M&A playbooks. What works well? Where does it fall down? How can you make it better? We interviewed Brian Kemper, IT Program Director at Hospira. Read our findings in this article.
Senior executives that attended our summit cited product and service diversification as the primary driver of acquisitions and believe operational integration was both the most important and most difficult part of integration planning. Read what else they had to say in this article.
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