December 2014 - CRM Newsletter
Mazen Ghalayini shares West Monroe's first CRM Newsletter, which highlights Dreamforce 2014.
Date : November 25, 2014

Our goal is for this newsletter to provide you valuable perspectives and another way for us to stay in touch.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first Customer Landscape – a quarterly newsletter from West Monroe’s National Customer Relationship Management Practice. Our goal is for this newsletter to provide you valuable perspectives and another way for us to stay in touch. Moving forward you can expect to find our point of view, industry thought leadership, wins and success stories, blogs and more.

However, in celebration of Dreamforce and the 15 individuals that we sent out to San Francisco to participate, our inaugural issue is focused on what our team is excited about and what our clients are asking about coming out of #DF14.

We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and find it valuable. Please let us know what you think, on this version and future editions, as we want to continuously improve. Thank you for your partnership.

Mazen Ghalayini
Director - CRM Practice

If you are an organization that leverages (or is considering leveraging)’s Service Cloud1 platform to manage your customer service function, here are five best practices for your implementation.

Many firms attempt to perfect a repeatable due diligence process, healthcare industry trends and changing regulations often require adapting methods and evaluating new factors.

To help improve agent productivity, organizations should strongly consider implementing’s Service Console available in the Service Cloud1 platform offering.

This partnership constitutes a meeting of the #1 productivity suite and the #1 CRM!
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