Technology Case Competition - Purdue
The Technology Case Competition has been postponed until next year. More details regarding the time and location of the competition will be released in the fall.

The annual West Monroe Technology Case Competition is not quite your traditional hack-a-thon. While there is a major programming component to the competition, your team will also be expected to participate in a mock client interaction. Your team will be given a business case and your job is to solve the “client’s” current problem by asking questions to create requirements to build a solution. When you have questions for the client about parts of the case that weren’t completely clear, you will email the “client” to ask for clarification. Basically, it’s a hack-a-thon with a business and communication component. How fun?!

The competition includes students from Purdue University and University of Illinois. To compete, you need a team of 2-3 students. 

This case competition is meant to give you and your team members insight into what it’s like to be a technology consultant at West Monroe Partners. It’s a fun day full of programming, communication, networking, food, and PRIZES!

So, what happens if my team wins?
If you win the competition on your campus, each of your team members will receive a pair of Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones, as well as a FREE trip to Chicago! Your team will be brought to the West Monroe Partners’ office in Chicago to compete against the other schools for a grand prize by giving a final pitch on the product you created to West Monroe Executives. The teams will be judged on final product, presentation skills, and overall requirements for the case.

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