Lead Like a Woman: Women Leaders in Tech
Susan Stelter to moderate Ellevate Puget Sound's September event.
Date : September 12, 2017 Time : 05:30 PM PST
Join us for a panel of amazing women who have pursued different leadership roles in technology.

Ellevate Seattle Women in Tech

Join us for a panel discussion with several amazing women who have chosen to pursue different leadership roles in technology. We’ll have an opportunity to hear them share their experiences; their journey to their current role; the challenges and opportunities of being a woman in the industry; and how they have developed and embraced their own unique style of leadership.

The panel includes: 

  • Julie Wesche, Vice President of Technology Operations, BECU
  • Sheryl Tullis, Partner, Launch Consulting Group and Global President of Women in Wireless
  • Cynthia Tee, Executive Director, ADA Developers Academy 
  • Moderator: Susan Stelter, Chief People Officer, West Monroe Partners 

You’ll also have an opportunity to expand your network! Our event program has been developed in collaboration with the Seattle Chapter of Women in Wireless, a global network championing women in the mobile and digital industries.

This event is being sponsored and hosted by West Monroe Partners.

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