Mergermarket's Life Sciences and Healthcare M&A Forum
Matt Barnes will present at Mergermarket’s Life Sciences and Healthcare M&A forum
Date : July 13, 2017 Time : 08:30 AM EST
Join West Monroe’s Matt Barnes at Mergermarket’s Life Sciences and Healthcare M&A forum as he discusses the science behind pharma mergers.
New York
The Science Behind Pharma Mergers

Pharmaceuticals was the leading subsector in the first half of 2016 with 162 deals worth USD 83.2bn, but by the end of the year it had fallen behind Medical, with Pharmaceuticals seeing 348 deals worth USD 127bn compared to Medical with 926 deals worth USD 133.6bn. That said, science, drug development, distribution, branding, and executive leadership/experience continue to drive these Pharma mergers. For instance, in the largest deal of 2016, Baxalta Inc and Shire Plc created a biotech company focusing on rare diseases and increased its presence in more than 100 countries. Another interesting contributor is the lion’s share of cash held abroad. If legislators are able to broker a deal in the new Congress to repatriate this cash, some observers are expecting companies to use it for more acquisitions along with dividends and share buybacks.

How are science and finance creating synergies among different life science companies?

  • Examine biotech and biopharma’s pursuit of financing and distribution to aid in commercialization of their products
  • Where along a firm's product life cycle are PE/VC firms and/or corporate partners adding value?
  • When do alliances and joint ventures make sense – co-developing drugs, royalty cash flows, and/or avoiding dilutive funding?
  • Discuss which drugs and devices have more pricing power than other segments in healthcare
  • Identify cross-border opportunities and challenges – from regulations to macroeconomic uncertainty
  • Will the slowing growth of drug prices impede or accelerate M&A activity?
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