The Realm of Machine Learning
Presented at That Conference by Kate Makridakis Skokin, Experienced Technology Consultant
Date : August 9, 2017 Time : 10:30 AM CST
“Machine Learning” has become quite the buzz word as of late. Its popularity as a concept can only be matched by the sonic boom that was “cloud computing”. Similar to when cloud computing became the hot topic in the realm of all things IT, it’s time now for machine learning to take its place in the limelight. And just like when cloud computing became the thing you just had to know about, there existed many individuals that did not really know what the concept was in practice, but merely in theory.

It is time to solve this problem in the case of machine learning! Let’s take a deep dive here into machine learning, not only in theory and as a concept, but also in practice with real business application. We will also look at Azure Machine Learning as an example of a Machine Learning as a Service Platform, and complete a short lab in Azure ML. All materials and sources, as well as additional labs will be provided to attendees.

Here is the sequence of subtopics for the presentation:
  • What is Machine Learning? 
  • What are some real life examples?
  • Types of Learning in ML, plus real world examples.
  • Types of Algorithms in ML, plus real world applications.
  • Machine Learning Project Life Cycle
  • Machine Learning Project Example
  • Machine Learning as a Service Platforms
  • Looking at Azure Machine Learning as one of many examples.
  • Using a Machine Learning as a Service Platform: a quick lab in Azure ML.

Day: Wed, Aug 9  
Time: 10:30 AM  

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