World Water Day Summit 2017: Water Risks and Why Industry Leaders are Addressing Them
All businesses depend on and impact freshwater resources, creating both strategic risks and opportunities.
Date : March 22, 2017 Time : 12:00 PM CST

To commemorate World Water Day 2017, West Monroe Partners will convene a diverse group of industry leaders to discuss the risks posed to businesses because of water scarcity, quality and flooding. 

Note: Registration for this event is now closed. If you have questions, please contact Leili Doerr.


Today’s water crisis gives rise to a complex set of issues for companies to manage: from securing and preserving  access to sufficient quantities of high quality water and limiting production disruptions, to meeting ever-more stringent wastewater discharge standards and being seen as responsible partners in collectively managing water as a shared resource.

Join us Wednesday, March 22nd at our office in the Loop for a panel discussion featuring the following leaders:

Panel 1: Understanding the Business Challenges of Water Risks

Moderator: Karen Weigert, Senior Fellow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Adam J. Hecktman, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft

Brian J. Wright, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Will Tynan, Co-Founder, Lotic Labs

Will Trumbull, Chief of Staff to Regional Chairman, Zurich Insurance

Panel 2: A Sustainable Approach to the Food and Beverage Industry

Moderator: Barrett B. Murphy, Commissioner, Department of Water Management

Kendra LevineUS Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, McDonald’s

Kim Marotta, Global Senior Director Corporate Responsibility, MolsonCoors

Tim Carey, Senior Director for Sustainability & Recycling, PepsiCo

John Zahina-Ramos, PhD, Instructor, Loyola University Chicago

The summit will take place at West Monroe Partners’ office in the Loop – located at 222 W. Adams St, 11th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606.

The event will begin at 12:00PM CST with a light lunch for those who wish to join. The summit will kick-off at 1:00PM CST and conclude at 4:30PM CST, followed by a happy hour.  

Click here to view the agenda. 

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