CXPA New York Chapter Networking Event
Date : February 23, 2017
West Monroe to host a panel discussion with customer experience experts and the New York CXPA.
New York

There are as many recipes for serving up a tasty CX as there are companies focused on it. And, although there may not be a secret sauce that guarantees CX success, there are common ingredients that flavor award-winning customer experiences. Be sure your CX doesn’t leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths. 

Our panel of expert speakers will discuss: 

  1. Team engagement: Achieve and maintain the support and buy-in of the senior and midlevel leaders, as well as the frontline team members, who are critical to your program’s success 
  2. VoC: Share the voice of the customer in ways that not only gain attention, but also inspire action among key stakeholders 
  3. Risk and innovation: Foster an environment in which team members are comfortable taking risks and using data to innovate 

Join us on Thursday, February 23 to learn how to add these three essential ingredients to your CX initiative. 

Join us on Thursday, February 23 to learn how to add three essential ingredients to your CX initiative. 
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West Monroe Partners to sponsor Seattle Business Magazine's Leaders in Healthcare Awards Gala
Date : March 2, 2017 Time : 06:00 PM PST
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