EUCI Smart Metering for Water Utilities
West Monroe Partners to present and sponsor at EUCI Smart Metering for Water Utilities Symposium
Date : July 25, 2016

Join West Monroe Partners at EUCI Smart Metering for Water Utilities Conference July 25th-26th 2016. This symposium will bring together industry and utility experts to share their expert knowledge, experiences and aspirations regarding the use of advanced metering, with particular emphasis on lessons learned for application to water utilities. Attendees will take away additional knowledge and resources required to implement effective solutions within the areas of improving customer engagement for their company as well as network with industry peers.


EUCI's Smart Metering for Water Utilities Symposium will discuss how to get executive approval for the smart meter project and leadership’s role moving forward, ongoing initiatives to improve consumer engagement/satisfaction before, during and after an AMI/AMR implementation, programs and processes that enable the successful use of smart meters and more. 

We are excited to sponsor this year's Symposium and look forward to Peter Mulvaney and Tommy McClung presenting three sessions at the event. 

Click here for a look at the preliminary schedule for EUCI Smart Metering for Water Utilities or learn more about our Energy & Utilities offerings.

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