Third Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance Conference
Achieving desired results – best practices in ensuring adoption and sustainability of transformational initiatives
Date : October 17, 2016
Insurance companies are undertaking transformational initiatives at an unprecedented scale and pace. However, an often overlooked factor in the transformation’s success is Organizational Change Management (OCM). OCM activities can mean the difference between a successful transformation and one that struggles with adoption and benefit realization.

Join Mike Hughes and Steven Waldrop to learn how OCM can be practically applied across your key initiatives to ensure business readiness and achievement of desired outcomes.

Key discussion topics include: 

  • Establishing a cohesive, realistic and measurable vision for an initiative 
  • Ensuring organization alignment of processes, structure, roles and capabilities 
  • How to understand and influence new behaviors 
  • Best practices in leadership alignment, employee/customer engagement, communications and training 
  • Setting realistic goals and progression of results through a ‘realization timeline’ 
  • The importance of change management and governance efforts before week one and beyond the implementation      
Case studies, examples and sharing of experiences from participants will provide practical learnings that you can apply back in your organization.
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