Seattle Salesforce Developer Group Meetup
West Monroe to host February Salesforce Developer Group Meetup - Key Spring '16 Release Features and DayBack App to be Discussed
Date : February 16, 2016 Time : 05:00 PM PST

Come out to connect with the Seattle Salesforce community. 


Love is in the air! Our next meetup is February 16th, and will again be broken into two parts. The first will be a small overview of some key Spring '16 release features, and the second half will be John and Jason presenting an application they have just recently completed, DayBack!

A quick overview of DayBack - "Balance your workload with drag-and-drop resource scheduling and see your Google calendars alongside objects from Salesforce. Custom actions designed for developers let you call your own routines from within the calendar."

Food and beverage will be provided.
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