Northeast Natural Gas Supplies & Pipelines Conference
West Monroe Partners to Chair and Sponsor the Northeast Natural Gas Supplies & Pipelines Conference
Date : October 26, 2015
This event brings together gas producers, pipeline developers and midstream providers, the investment community, power generation developers, gas traders, LDCs, gas utilities and other end users for a unique opportunity to assess the market, players, and new opportunities for growth and development.
The share of power generated from natural gas in the United States has almost doubled in the past ten years. While the Northeast traditionally has been at the very end of a long gas pipeline, the booming Marcellus shale next door provides the Northeast with more and better opportunities to use natural gas for power generation, industrial processes, home heat, and transportation. 

But connecting Marcellus gas with Northeast demand and markets poses many challenges. Capacity to move the gas east and north especially remains constrained. Volatile prices and a lack of available storage add further complications. New LNG development will impact availability and pricing and it will be key to understand how that will affect gas movement and pricing in the Northeast. Understanding gas-electric coordination and interdependencies remains key to successful gas delivery in the region.

To provide a forum where stakeholders across the natural gas value chain can meet, exchange information and connect plentiful Marcellus gas with Northeast end users, Infocast has developed the Northeast Natural Gas Supplies & Pipelines Summit, October 26 & 27, 2015, in Boston, MA.
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