Integrating and Interconnecting PV Generation in Distribution Systems
West Monroe Partners to Sponsor EUCI Summer Event
Date : August 25, 2015

West Monroe Partners is excited to sponsor this event and join a panel of experts to discuss integrated distribution planning.

Los Angeles
This conference, featuring many of the industry's foremost technical experts, will examine fundamental interconnection challenges confronting distribution system professionals and how they are being addressed in practice.

West Monroe's Jim McClanahan will join a panel of experts on Day 2 of this event for Integrated Distribution Planning: What's in Play Now. Many initiatives are under way in jurisdictions and by many system operators around the U.S. to stimulate — indeed mandate — that distributed generation play a significant role in future grid implementation efforts. This session will discuss measures that are in process in states such as California, New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii. Jim Will also take a brief look at ConnectTheGrid - a scalable, cloud-based resource for utilities that provides a step-by-step workflow for application approvals, acting as the master data source for DER assets. Joining Jim on the panel are:
  • Michael Coddington, Senior Electrical Engineering Researcher and Principal Investigator - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Tom Bialek, Chief Engineer - Smart Grid Team - San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Babak Enayati, Lead Research Development and Demonstration Engineer - Utility of the Future - National Grid
  • Marc Romito, Renewable Energy Resources Manager - Arizona Public Service (APS)
  • John Gajada, Manager - DER Operations - Duke Energy

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