Rules before the Tools - Configuration Management and NERC CIPv5
Joins West Monroe Partners and UTC for a live webinar!
Date : April 15, 2015 Time : 01:00 PM CST
Join West Monroe's Mike Manske, Dan Frein and Greg Kasper for a discussion on NERC CIP v5 configuration management, features to look for in selecting a tool, and overall change management.
Webinar Description:

NERC CIP v5 brings about updates to existing standards, but it also takes Configuration Change Management requirements to a new level by breaking them out in a separate standard. The natural approach to tackling this new area is to purchase a software tool that helps administrators track and manage configuration updates to their IT devices; however, many of these implementations are ultimately unsuccessful – why? Like any business problem, more than just the technology needs to be examined; people and processes must be addressed through operational processes via strong Change Management principles.
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