"Beyond Lip Service - Operationalizing Customer Experience"
Please join Paul Hagen and Deanna Oppenheimer, CEO of CameoWorks, for an in-depth group discussion on the latest customer experience trends today
Date : March 25, 2015 Time : 08:00 AM PST

Join other top-leading executives in the Northwest to discuss the changing trends and challenges of customer experience today.


Join West Monroe Partners and executives from leading Northwest companies for an intimate discussion on how to operationalize customer experience.

Kyle Hutchins, Paul Hagen and Deanna Oppenheimer will facilitate a collaborative discussion to address how other executives are overcoming customer experience challenges. You will walk away from the session with ideas and best practices you can put into action.  We will focus on:

  • Learning and exchanging ideas with top executives in the Northwest on customer experience
  • Moving beyond the typical customer journey maps
  • How to go beyond lip service: Using customer experience blueprints to rethink business architecture

If you would like an invitation to this event, please contact Mary Scheller.

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