Chicago .NET Mobile Developers Meetup - Introduction to MVVMCross
West Monroe's John Sprunger to present on MVVMCross and Xamarin at the July Chicago .NET Mobile Developers meetup
Date : July 31, 2014 Time : 05:30 PM CST

West Monroe's John Sprunger to present on MVVMCross and Xamarin at the July Chicago .NET Mobile Developers meetup


MVVMCross is an open source, cross platform development framework, maintained by Stuart Lodge, built on top of Xamarin. It builds on the Model - View - ViewModel architectural paradigm with data binding and provides a framework, architecture and 'methodology' for developing cross platform apps for mobile devices.

The Model - View - ViewModel architectural pattern is a variation of the established Model View Controller (MVC) pattern but tailored for modern development platforms where the View is the responsibility of a designer rather than the (classic) developer. Each View is bound to a ViewModel through Data and Events using a Binder, and the ViewModel communicates with the Model via data exchange.

MVVM Cross promotes Interface Driven Development using Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control; 'Code for Test'; and 'Plugins'; resulting in small, loosely coupled components which can be easily re-used and shared across platforms. It results in a common architecture between applications, where within each application, 100% of application logic and test harnesses are shared across platforms. Each application consist of a single, common Core project written as PCL, a UI project for each platform; and optional 'Plugins', each of which consists of a PCL part and platform specific parts which provide reusable abstractions to native functionality.

By the end of this meetup you should have a rudimentary understanding of the MVVMCross framework and paradigm, know how to use it with interfaces and data binding, and know where to go to get more detailed information, tutorials and example solutions.

We are hoping to stream the presentation live via Google Hangouts On Air for those who can't attend in person and make the recording available after the event.

Food and beverages will be provided.

Planned agenda:
17.45  Networking
18.30  Presentation - John Sprunger, West Monroe Partners
20.00  Networking

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