Data Governance Winter Conference
One for All and All for One - Successful Data Governance is a Balancing Act
Date : November 20, 2013

Anthony Algmin presents "One for All and All for One - Successful Data Governance is a Balancing Act" at the Data Governance Winter Conference.

BI programs in general, and Data Governance programs in particular, have a poor track record of success. The ways to fail are countless, but to succeed you must not only have strong strategy, planning and execution - but you must deliver value quickly enough to generate interest (and resources) to reach critical mass.  The challenge is far less technically-complicated than it is about complex organizational change - and people-based systems are a notoriously difficult upgrade!

To succeed in your company's Data Governance efforts, the most important component is balance - in tools, responsibilities, techniques, and even paperwork!  Even the best-intended and logically-designed governance program can lose its balance quickly if not carefully guided.  This session will be most helpful to those just getting started on the journey.

This session will highlight:

  • Why Data Governance is really all about letting people know when it is their turn to make decisions
  • Data Governance's relationship to other data management disciplines (metadata, master data, data quality, etc.)
  • Traps that organizations tend to fall into while getting started
  • Changing the Data Governance mindset from administration (i.e. "friction") to enablement (i.e. "impact")
  • Determining which complementary data management tools to focus on first
  • Why being "done" with Data Governance is like being "done" with HR
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