Human Resources Management Association, Chicago
"The Death of Performance Management as We Know It"
Date : September 18, 2013 Time : 08:30 AM CST
Paulette McKissic will be speaking on "The Death of Performance Management as We Know It"

Paulette McKissic will be joining a group of speakers on September 18th to discuss performance management. Performance reviews are steeped in conventional wisdom, some of which is wise, some not so much. How well is your review process working for your organization? Is it living up to your intent?

The group is going to question some of the assumptions behind performance reviews and look at companies making changes to it and using some progressive approaches to performance management.

  • What are the assumed legal ramifications of performance reviews? We'll find out!
  • How can a big company create a game changing process?
  • What's a new and enlightened approach?


Join us and take back some ideas on how to make performance management live up to its name in your organization!

The event is taking place at Banner Personnel and begins at 8:30am.

Banner Personnel

7425 Janes Avenue

Woodridge, IL

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