Cory Cowgill will be presenting "NFC and the Salesforce Mobile SDK: Tag - You're IT!" at Dreamforce
Date : September 18, 2012
West Monroe's Cory Cowgill will be presenting "NFC and the Salesforce Mobile SDK: Tag - You're IT!" at Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco.

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables devices to seamlessly transmit data between one another. More and more smartphones are being released supporting NFC standards, opening up a whole host of opportunities to developers. Imagine holding your smartphone next to a marketing booth on the expo floor and automatically generating a Lead record in Salesforce for that company. Envision enabling your users to process transactions with a simple wand of their smartphone at a storefront kiosk. All the while that data is seamlessly updated into your Force.com org.

This session will walk developers through a simple Android application which leverages the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Developers will learn the basics necessary to get started with NFC and Force.com and learn a complete roadmap for building mobile NFC applications with Force.com.

Several other members from West Monroe Partners will be attending the conference as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

Use the #DF12 speaker code SPKREF to save 20% on registration.

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