Kansas City Power & Light: Leverages Citrix During Acquisition
A Citrix solution delivers new applications, ensures employees are equipped for their new roles on "day one."
Leveraging a Citrix solution, Kansas City Power and Light transitions to a new application in eight hours - allowing business continuity and a smooth employee transition.

Operating from headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City Power & Light ("KCP&L") is a full-service energy provider and resource. The company was founded in 1882 and has become one of the Midwest’s most affordable energy suppliers through leadership in fuel procurement, plant technology and efficient power generation, transmission, and distribution.

New company, new roles, new applications.
To maintain business continuity as it integrated Aquila’s operations with its own, KCP&L and its parent, Great Plains Energy, wanted incoming employees to be able to perform their roles as part of KCP&L immediately upon closing. Furthermore, because many employees in both organizations would be changing roles as part of the integration process, this meant that users would require access—on “day one”—to the business applications required for their new responsibilities:

  • Approximately 400 KCP&L employees would need to access one or more of 30 Aquila business applications
  • Approximately 300 Aquila personnel would need access to one or more of 25 KCP&L business applications

Because of the deal’s complexity and regulatory requirements, KCP&L would not be able to access Aquila desktops prior to closing. For assistance with developing a solution that would ensure consistent application access across the combined organization, KCP&L turned to West Monroe Partners, which was providing strategic and technical direction for the overall IT integration.

A smooth employee transition.
West Monroe Partners reviewed the company’s objectives, technology environment access prior to closing, and the plans for integrating people and establishing their new roles. Based on this assessment, the project team recommended a Citrix-based solution that would enable access to applications from a single icon deployed to users’ desktops. This solution offered several benefits:

  • The fact that both organizations already used Citrix simplified testing and allowed the project team to manage security more effectively between the KCP&L and Aquila networks. It allowed the project team to work around low bandwidth issues in several remote locations
  • KCP&L and Aquila personnel were already familiar with the technology, enabling them to minimize training time and focus on preparing for implementation.

To ready the solution and ensure its execution over a transition period of eight hours, West Monroe Partners provided the following support for KCP&L and Aquila:

  • Designing testing and access strategies and processes in advance of the “go live” period
  • Supporting KCP&L during the implementation
  • Developing communication strategy and developing and distributing key communications

By implementing the Citrix solution designed by West Monroe Partners, KCP&L was able to deliver consistent access to critical customer-facing and human resources applications on day one— an imperative to maintaining business continuity, protecting its revenue stream, and facilitating a smooth employee transition.

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