West Monroe Delivers Managed Services for a Venture Capital Firm
A managed services solution provides personalized user support
A managed services arrangement provides a new dimension of personalized user support-while preparing the organization to achieve its business goals.

The client is a venture capital organization that starts companies from the ground up or purchases existing ideas and builds them into viable business opportunities.

Personal support for technology users.
This venture capital firm outsourced management of its IT infrastructure, applications, e-mail, and technology support to a small firm in the Chicago suburbs. Unhappy with the level of support it received, the firm searched for a sound, reliable IT partner based in the city of Chicago—one willing and able to visit the firm’s office regularly and provide end users with the opportunity to work directly with support technicians to resolve their technology issues. In addition, the firm sought a partner able to:

  • Work with end users of all skill levels in a mixed PC/Mac environment and in a way that would make all users feel comfortable asking questions or requesting assistance
  • Provide employees with direct access to an IT technician, without having to submit tickets to a help desk ticketing system
  • Represent its interests by presenting new ideas for technologies that would further the firms’ goals

A track record for quality service.
The venture capital firm selected West Monroe Partners based on the quality of service previously provided to one of its start-up companies—including technical knowledge, end-user support, and a willingness to take on new responsibilities, as needed, to get the job done. In addition, West Monroe Partners committed to assessing the organization’s current environment and helping it resolve many pending technology issues.

Assess. Resolve. Enable a growing business.
West Monroe Partners began by assessing the firm’s IT infrastructure; resolving pending technology issues; and assuming responsibility for IT support, proactive maintenance, and IT-based projects, including opening new “store fronts.” Once it resolved pending IT issues, West Monroe Partners developed short and long-term recommendations and began to implement those most vital to the firm’s short-term success, including:

  • Setting up new office space
  • Establishing a back-up schedule
  • Modifying the phone system to accommodate new and existing users
  • Working with QuickBooks POS and Accounting software to manage financial information and store-front locations
  • Implemented heightened security policies
  • Creating a VPN tunnel between storefronts and the firm’s office to enable data transfer and access
  • Recommending cost-efficient suppliers

By teaming with West Monroe Partners, the venture capital firm has improved and secured its IT infrastructure, which is now built and maintained by skilled technicians. In addition, its end users now have a reliable and service-oriented partner—one that is easy to approach and upon which they can rely to address needs and get the job done.

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