West Monroe Delivers Managed Services for an Investment Management Firm
Trading industry expertise improves system reliability and performance and business continuity.
Infrastructure and trading industry expertise improve system reliability and performance-and ultimately, business continuity.

The client is a private investment management firm based in Chicago, Illinois.

A complete infrastructure upgrade.
The client ran its operations on an older, out-of-date technology infrastructure that was low on disk space, presenting several performance issues. As traders, the firm’s personnel required fast access to applications and other business resources; yet, the intensity of software applications reduced desktop performance and affected business continuity. In addition, the firm’s back-up system was prone to failure, and the organization experienced spam issues that it was unable to resolve.

The firm sought a managed services provider to assess its infrastructure and provide recommendations and vendor pricing for a complete infrastructure upgrade—including new servers, network equipment and ISP cutover, and desktop computer replacement. Furthermore, the provider needed to understand trading schedules and perform the upgrade work during non-trading hours, including late nights and weekends.The investment management firm selected West Monroe Partners as its managed services partner.

West Monroe Partners offered substantial experience in the trading industry, including in-depth knowledge of trading operations and systems, as well as a willingness to perform its work in a way that would not affect the firm’s business. In addition, West Monroe Partners’ infrastructure and network experience provided the client with a variety of technology and vendor options that would suit both its business needs and its budget. Finally, West Monroe Partners was able to provide ongoing support, as needed, to maintain the firm’s new infrastructure.

An optimal mix of performance, quality, and cost.
West Monroe Partners assessed the investment firm’s IT infrastructure and provided recommendations for upgrading the infrastructure. West Monroe Partners then worked with many hardware and

software vendors to help the investment firm select the optimal mix of technology performance, quality, and cost. West Monroe Partners then established a detailed implementation plan and coordinated with the firm’s trading schedule to:

  • Transition to a new Internet services provider
  • Implement new servers and desktops
  • Migrate data to new servers/desktops

West Monroe Partners also implemented a new anti-virus/anti-spam solution that reduced issues dramatically, installed a new back-up system to ensure data safety, and implemented heightened security policies that allow users to access the network from outside the office.

Working with West Monroe Partners, the investment firm has improved the quality and reliability of its infrastructure significantly. Its traders have the speed and performance they need to operate effectively in the fast-paced, high-stakes investment arena. Because West Monroe Partners was sensitive to and able to work around the firm’s trading schedule, the client was able to complete the upgrade with no downtime or impact on its trading operations. And, the firm has a reliable back-up system in place and a responsive partner on call to support it.

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