Town & Country Markets: A Case Study
Equipped with a sound business intelligence strategy and self-service reporting, Town & Country can now manage labor, costs and inventory with ease.
Date : February 6, 2014
Town & Country Markets is a Pacific Northwest-based grocery company.
Town & Country Markets wanted a cohesive business intelligence strategy and a comprehensive platform for integrating retail sales data with labor costs and invoiced purchasing costs. Specifically, this included:
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources into one company-wide data management platform 
  • “Self-service” reporting options 
  • A user-friendly experience
  • Ability to analyze proprietary data with specific insight into the retail industry to properly forecast sales, plan marketing, and manage labor and inventory

Defining the requirements of a better business intelligence model

Members of the West Monroe team partnered with Town & Country staff to define critical data sources, possible reporting improvements, and information integration goals throughout the company. And, we delivered a complete solution within three months to accomodate year-end budget constraints.

Leveraging a Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, we integrated substantial data, implemented a new data warehouse and overhauled reporting. To do this effectively, we:
  • Consolidated sales, labor, invoicing, and forecast data sources into one, custom built data warehouse
  • Designed user-friendly, informative report templates so managers can quickly highlight potential sales profitability and labor challenges across stores and departments
  • Streamlined and automated forecast data in an Excel-based tool to eliminate manual processes and improve accuracy
  • Leveraged the latest SQL Server technologies to efficiently aggregate data and support multiple reporting scenarios
  • Integrated the solution into SharePoint 2010 for easy, company-wide access to reporting

Easier data management through an enhanced reporting structure

After consolidating multiple (and competing) data sources into one custom data warehouse, we revamped Town & Country’s reporting interface. The new, visually rich, interactive user experience makes it easier and quicker for managers to assess how well their retail sales and profitability have fared compared to the same time period in the prior year, as well as to their forecasts. 

Delivering Self-Service Business Intelligence for Retailers
This “self-service” business intelligence solution lets Town & Country employees nimbly slice and dice key information in ways that don’t require custom development. Users can access statistics and forecasts by timeframe, department, employee level or product line. They can view the data at a dashboard level, or dive into the details on any one segment. This transformation to back office reporting enables management to make better labor, finance and inventory decisions and develop longer term plans around marketing and expansion.

That’s business in the right direction.

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