In-depth process evaluation and streamlining provides a Chicago-based collegewith a solid foundation to support its rapid growth
A student information system and efficient business processes meet current and future requirements
The client is a respected and highly acclaimed media arts school that exposes students to industry experiences in media art software, equipment, and technology.

Adapting operations to support rapid growth
As the school's business grew rapidly and class sizes increased, it began encountering some operational
inefficiencies. In addition, configuration and data integrity issues in the school’s Student Information System
SIS) produced numerous student and classroom related challenges that required manual “work-arounds.”

To support its expected growth and provide a better experience for administrators, faculty, and students, the
college wanted to redesign business processes and evaluate new SIS vendors. For assistance, the school turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered deep process-mapping and improvement experience, as well as a proven software evaluation and selection approach.

Understanding current operations
West Monroe Partners began by evaluating current operations in each of the school’s departments, including
conducting process-mapping workshops to understand:

  • All steps necessary to complete each department’s daily activities
  • All technologies used at each step
  • The flow of data and communication among departments

Using information from these workshops, West Monroe Partners recommended process improvements that support the institution’s growth expectations.

Improving data quality for better operations and decision making
Simultaneously, West Monroe Partners worked with the school to review and “clean up” data currently in the SIS. The team:

  • Evaluated all programs and courses in the system over the school’s six year history
  • Matched degree audit and transcript data for each year
  • Eliminated duplicate and outdated information from the system

These steps improved data integrity, enabling faculty to use the data for both reporting purposes and day-to-day
business decisions and operations.

Enabling new processes with the right student information system
West Monroe Partners also assisted with selecting a new student information system. After defining the institution’s business requirements, the West Monroe team evaluated a multitude of vendors whose products covered the areas of school operations, finance, and admissions. The team gathered information from SIS vendors and invited select vendors to demonstrate their products’ ability to meet the school’s business requirements and enable its streamlined business processes.

Based on these demonstrations and information gathered by West Monroe Partners, the client was able to select— with confidence—a system that meets its needs, today and for the future.

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