A consolidated approach for domestic and international treasury products puts a leading bank on course to deliver on its vision of "one customer, one experience"
Developing an operating model to deliver the ideal customer and employee experience
Defining the critical requirements for the bank's treasury management customers led to gained support for a hub-and-spoke global model to facilitate global expansion

Delivering a consistent experience as customers expand internationally
The client’s international and domestic treasury management functions currently operate as separate teams; however its customers increasingly require international services. In addition, 99 percent of its international treasury management customers also have domestic accounts and products.

Maintaining separate internal teams creates multiple, uncoordinated customer touch points, in addition to slowing the process for opening new accounts. As the bank begins to focus on international expansion, it is a critical time to address this issue and create new processes that are flexible and growth-oriented. To support its international expansion goals, the bank sought to:

  • Build on its previously developed ‘go-forward’ plan for improving efficiency and customer experience
  • Identify a set of key customer requirements that will differentiate the bank from its peers
  • Develop a target operating model centered on customer and employee experience and value creation
  • Create a detailed road map for achieving short- and long-term goals

For assistance, the bank turned to West Monroe Partners, which previously supported development of the 'go-forward' plan and had extensive knowledge of internal processes, procedures, and documents. In addition, West Monroe demonstrated substantial expertise in treasury products, project management, and customer experience.

Aligning stakeholders in the name of serving the customer
West Monroe Partners first worked with the bank to define an ideal customer experience. The team began by holding a workshop with a core team of bank subject matter experts and customer facing team members to determine the ideal experience for implementation and service, as well as for customer due diligence. Then, West Monroe facilitated working sessions to:

  • Review current procedures
  • Analyze and understand best practices in processes across the domestic and international teams
  • Discuss how to deliver in-region/ in-country support in the future
  • Document ideal future processes

The team then conducted a cross-functional workshop to develop the combined target operating model—including people, processes, and tools—to support the ideal customer experience.

West Monroe Partners also worked with the core team to assess impacts associated with the target operating model, as well as the preliminary funding, staffing, and other requirements for implementing it. To close the project, West Monroe Partners identified next steps and priorities for 2014, including merging US-based domestic and international teams and developing a hub-and-spoke support model as the bank expands globally. These recommendations received support from the bank’s leadership—positioning the project for advancement.

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