Enabling a non-profit to scale for the future
Date : May 15, 2017

A new approach to its Salesforce implementation gives NatureBridge better visibility into its operations and a roadmap for future improvements.

The Challenge
Scale to better serve students

NatureBridge welcomes more than 30,000 students and teachers each year to their six campuses for environmental education programs. The organization relies on Salesforce to manage the enrollment process, and they found that customizations made when the system was implemented were not scaling well across the organization’s campuses. This resulted in a high number of manual steps, data governance issues, and a lack of consistency of sales data across the organization.

The Solution

An uncommon blend

NatureBridge knew they needed to optimize their Salesforce implementation to streamline the sales process, reduce manual processes for employees, improve reporting and tracking, and increase data quality. West Monroe had previously conducted an initial assessment of NatureBridge’s Salesforce instance and created a roadmap for future improvements. With a deep understanding of NatureBridge’s business requirements gained during this process, along with extensive experience with non-profits, West Monroe was a natural choice to support the next phase of the project.

Working with the NatureBridge staff, West Monroe focused on sales efficacy to create “quick win” results. Step one was to consolidate and delete any unused or unnecessary data. This would free up space and allow West Monroe to implement customizations and automate processes. Working with the NatureBridge staff, West Monroe Partners could guide, advise, and instruct their staff in data clean-up and best practices going forward.

Step two was to rework NatureBridge’s sales process within Salesforce. Customized processes had made it difficult to report and share information between campuses and staff. West Monroe implemented a number of features, including integrating the Web to Lead application into the NatureBridge website and launching the Salesforce mobile application for NatureBridge staff to use at events. As a result, customer follow-up, response time, and recorded sales data was greatly improved.

Lastly, West Monroe Partners collaborated with NatureBridge to create a plan to more effectively manage the existing NatureBridge Salesforce organization. Working side by side with NatureBridge staff, West Monroe created structured guidelines and comprehensive training to ensure staff would be able to maximize the effectiveness of the tool as the organization scaled.

The Impact
Streamlined processes and improved productivity 

The final result is a more efficient sales process that allows employees to reach more students, along with better collaboration and best practice sharing between campus offices. Educators also use the tool to share program information and assessment data across campuses. With guidelines in place to manage future development of the Salesforce instance, NatureBridge can be confident they will maximize the value of their investment and be better positioned to serve youth and the environment for years to come.

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