Managed Services Enables Facility Integration
Network expertise and responsive managed services facilitate the timely, efficient integration of a newly acquired facility.
West Monroe completed the integration on time and on budget, providing skilled training and support to the client and mitigating key implementation issues.

The client is one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals, and gasses. The company owns and operates nearly 70 terminals in 21 countries, with a total storage capacity of more than 16 million cubic meters.

Integration assistance, ongoing support.
This client acquired a production facility from a major chemical company and needed assistance integrating the facility’s technology infrastructure with its own network and infrastructure. Specifically, the company sought support for:

  • Implementation of a new network
  • Installation of new desktops and network printers
  • Installation of old, unsupported software on an updated OS platform
  • Data migration
  • Installation of the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software on desktops and configuration to ensure it works on the new network
  • Conversion of e-mail, calendars, and contacts

The client wanted a managed services partner with:

  • Extensive networking experience
  • The capacity to train personnel on the new systems
  • The ability to provide ongoing support, including troubleshooting and resolution of network issues

The company chose West Monroe Partners as it managed services partner. West Monroe Partners had strong experience in merger and acquisition projects, as well as expertise in desktop migration, software integration, and network cut-over and integration. In addition, West Monroe Partners had the capacity provide the training and ongoing support, on an as needed basis.

Navigating complexity and challenges efficiently.
West Monroe Partners conducted a comprehensive assessment of both the company’s existing network and that of the new production facility and then developed a detailed project plan, including scope and milestones. This project plan helped the client better organize its time and resources. West Monroe Partners then worked with the company to:

  • Implement the new network and VPN tunnel set-up
  • Set up desktops and configure software to the client’s and its ERP provider’s specifications
  • Convert mailboxes, calendars, and contacts to Lotus Notes

West Monroe addressed several implementation issues, including working directly with the firm’s ISP to resolve network connection instability issues. In addition, West Monroe helped the company install a VPN client that would create a connection between the facility and the previous owner’s network.

West Monroe Partners’ expertise and experience enabled the client to navigate through the various complexities and challenges of moving the facility from one network to another, while achieving its conversion milestones on time and within budget. West Monroe Partners also has been able to provide the company with training and support, as needed, as it completed integration of the facility into its own operations. Network expertise and responsive managed services facilitate the timely, efficient integration of a newly acquired facility.

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